Looking For That 10 mm?

I’ll Keep It Short And Sweet!

Plus I Will Give You 10 Ways You Can Find It.

1. keep looking.

2. It’s there somewhere Keep looking.

3. Where the f**k is it? don’t ask me keep looking.

4. Retrace all your last foot steps while scratching your head.

5. Go through you’re tool box even though you are certain you didn’t put it there.

6. Get a decent light and not a cigarette lighter and have a look right through you’re engine and any where you we’re workin’ on your car.

7. Is it in your hand?

8. Is it in you’re pocket?

9. Is it in the bin?

10. Go to Auto shop and buy a new one or a dozen.

I hope that helped out in one or another or gave you a bit of a giggle.

That damn 10 mm socket, wrench, spanner is that bloody hard to find sometimes I couldn’t resist writing a blog post for you all to relate to.

busted vintage car

Here Is A Short Video I Found That I Thought Was Very Funny And Adaptable I Think We All Should Do! ENJOY!!